The 15 Loudest Anime Characters Who Are Always Screaming

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Break out the earplugs, because it's time to put the spotlight on loud anime characters. 

Sometimes, anime characters who scream a lot are doing it out of anger - Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia is overflowing with so much uncontrollable rage that he can't help shouting about everything from brushing his teeth to his rivalry with Midoriya. It's not always about being mad, though - Asta from Black Clover is just really enthusiastic about being the next Wizard King, and Harunobu Nikaidou from March Comes In Like A Lion really wants to be everyone's friend.

These are the characters who make you want to turn the volume down on your TV, computer, or tablet - or make you want to shout along with them.

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    Asta - 'Black Clover'

    Nearly every word out of Asta's mouth is a shrill screech that's so irritating it literally stops some potential fans from watching the show. Everything he says, from his insistence that he's going to be the wizard king to his requests that one of the nuns who raised him to marry him, is shouted. Unfortunately, this is also one of the few things that distinguish Asta from the shonen protagonist formula. When the only thing that makes you unique is how loud and annoying your voice is, you know you're not doing so hot.

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  • Zenitsu Agatsuma - 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba'
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    Given that he's a huge scaredy-cat, it's not surprising that Zenitsu is known for his loud and obnoxious voice. Whether it's running away from demons or yelling "Nezuko-chan," it's a good idea to turn down your volume whenever he appears onscreen.

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  • Katsuki Bakugo - 'My Hero Academia'
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    Katsuki Bakugo never stops screaming. Ever. Whether he's brushing his teeth, chopping vegetables, going through an obstacle course, or even thinking about Midoriya, everything that comes out of his mouth is shouting.

    If you watch the subbed version of My Hero Academia, Bakugo's constant screaming is even more alarming, because it's punctuated with gasping that sounds almost asthmatic. His hero outfit had better have pockets large enough to carry an inhaler. 

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  • Yuri Plisetsky - 'Yuri!!! On ICE'
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    In the very first scene of Yuri!!! on ICE, Yuri Plisetsky kicks down a bathroom door and screams in Yuri Katsuki's face. This pattern repeats itself throughout the series, often triggered by things like wanting Victor to pay attention to him, frustration with the rigors of being a professional athlete who is still treated like a child, and irritation with JJ's existence. Just about the only person he never shouts at is his grandfather, who he loves too much to ever say a negative word to.

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  • Chi-Chi isn't necessarily the loudest person in the Dragon Ball Z universe - Goku and Vegeta can probably generate a more intense volume when declaring their attacks - but for not being a Saiyan with exceptionally powerful lungs, Chi-Chi is pretty darn loud. What's more, she yells all the time. Usually, she's upset about Goku destroying her house, accidentally unleashing his full strength on her, putting their son in danger, or otherwise being a terrible husband and father.

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  • To be fair to Sakura, some of her yelling is internal - her inner self covers a lot of her screaming at the beginning of the series. But Sakura also spends plenty of time yelling out loud - often at Naruto for various forms of foolish behavior. It's hard to blame her - if you were stuck working with someone who was just as likely to antagonize an ostrich or eat 60 bowls of ramen in one shot as he is to do anything useful, you'd yell at him too. 

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