Remembering Louie Anderson's Career In Photos

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Vote up the performances that proved Louis Anderson was an even more capable actor than his stand up comedy or game show hosting ever suggested.

Louie Anderson died Friday, January 21 at the age of 68. He left behind a lasting and hilarious career as a comedian, host of the one of the greatest game shows of all timeFamily Feud, and award-winning performances in shows like Baskets.

For all those marquee achievements, however, Anderson also had an intriguing and eclectic onscreen career that is less remembered. He played supporting roles in multiple classic '80s comedy films that are still popular today, for example. He also had a '90s animated series based on his own childhood. He even showed up on Young Sheldon

So here's a sampling of Louie Anderson's work to jog memories an renew appreciation for a much-loved one-man comedic powerhouse.