Small, Magical Details About 'Love, Actually' That Fans Should Know (But Probably Don't)

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The modern holiday classic Love, Actually first graced silver screens back in 2003, giving it almost two decades to become a Christmas tradition. During those years, fans have watched and re-watched the rom-com dozens of times, taking to social media to share small details with other fans of the film. Here are a few small details shared by both fans and filmmakers about the holiday movie. Vote up your favorite tidbits. 

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    The Opening Airport Montage Was Created Using Hidden Cameras

    From Redditor u/Numerous-Lemon:

    In Love, Actually (2003), the opening montage was real footage of passengers meeting their loved ones at the airport, shot with hidden cameras. Richard Curtis said that that when something special was caught on camera, they would rush up to people and ask for their permission to use it in the movie.

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    Rowan Atkinson's Clerk Was Supposed To Be An Angel

    In an early version of the movie, Rowan Atkinson's shop clerk was suppose to be revealed as an angel on the final moments of the movie. This is why he overdoes the wrapping for Harry's (Alan Rickman) gift to another woman: to stall the process to he can't give the gift. 

    This was confirmed by script editor Emma Freud, the life partner of writer and director Richard Curtis:

    Originally Rowan's character over-wrapped the gift on purpose to stop Alan rickman being able to buy the necklace. Because he was an angel.

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    Emma Thompson Pulled From Real Life For Inspiration

    From TV Tropes:

    Emma Thompson said that for her crying scene she drew upon memories of discovering that her partner Kenneth Branagh was having an affair with Helena Bonham Carter.

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    Often Overlooked Heartwarming Detail

    From Redditor u/gham89:

    In Love Actually (2003) Sam starts the film by calling his step-father "Daniel" but by the end is calling him "Dad". One of the few love stories in the movie that is easily missed.

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    Hidden Messages

    From Redditor u/Ilizur:

    In Love, Actually (2003), you can read "Burden" between Sarah and her mentally ill brother, foreshadowing that this task is a burden to her love life.

    From Redditor u/sweetwoods21:

    In Love Actually, Laura Linney's character is shown sitting in front of a poster that says "Shoulder Their Burden" with a picture of her brother who has mental health issues. Throughout the movie she drops what she's doing to take calls from him to help him cope with his crises.

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    The Wedding Scene Was Based On A Real Incident

    From Redditor u/sleepyVonnie:

    The wedding scene in Love, Actually when musicians pop up to perform "All You Need is Love" was inspired by Jim Henson's Memorial Service.