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13 Reasons Why Love Live Sunshine is Better Than Love Live School Idol Project

After nine years of record-breaking sales in anime, music, and video games, it's safe to say the Love Live franchise is here to stay. It's not even Love Live: School Idol Project anymore. The franchise received an official name changed to Love Live: School Idol Series, signaling there's more to come from µ's, Aqours, and the girls of Nijigasaki High School from Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars. However, when you compare the original Love Live idol group µ's with their successor Aqours, which one comes out on top? After comparing the Love Live: School Idol Project anime to Love Live Sunshine, it became clear that Aqours surpassed their idol heroes.   

Not convinced? Here are 13 reasons why Love Live Sunshine is better than the original Love Live anime. Caution: There are spoilers for the TV series and movies.