10 Sweet Tokens of Schoolyard Love

Ah, schoolyard love; the nervousness you feel in your stomach as you watch him swing towards you across the monkey bars; the butterflies that appear in your stomach as you wait behind her for your turn to go down the slide. These are the classic moments that inspire the first sparks of playground romance, and the subsequent love notes that seem to follow. Here, we've assembled a collection of some of the cutest, sweetest love notes that elementary school romance has to offer. 

The next time you feel suffocated by the disgusting black hole of hopelessness that is the modern dating scene, check out some of these adorable, clumsy love notes written by kids who are wise beyond their dating years. Let yourself drift back to a simpler time, when the hardest part about having a significant other was whether or not to pick them for your dodgeball team during recess. 

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