The Best Tarot Cards For Love

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If you're hoping to see some love tarot cards come up in your next spread, then come on in and check out some of the best. Whether you're an experienced or beginning tarot card reader, here you'll take a look at cards you're likely to see come up in your readings from time to time. You'll find that when it comes to the best tarot cards for love, some tend to be far more obvious than others. Whereas the Lovers card is pretty direct, there are plenty of others which hide symbolism that may just bode incredibly well for those seeking answers about their love lives. 

So check out these tarot cards for romance to see what each of them signify when it comes to questions of the heart. Be sure to vote for the ones that you'd most love to see pop up in your next tarot read!


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    Ace of Cups

    If you're single, then enjoy it while it lasts because it looks like there's an overflowing of emotion headed your way! The Ace of Cups traditionally represents love, new relationships, emotions, and family. The dove flying into the scene represents Divine blessings, so the next relationship that comes your way may have just been written in the stars. 

    See those little tear drop shaped things flowing down? Rest assured that they're not actually tears, but blessings flowing down to bless your upcoming union. 

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      Two of Cups

      If the 2 of Cups comes into play, not only is a new relationship forming or on the verge of forming in your life, its gonna be a great one. The two people pictured here are in the middle of pledging their love or each other via a romantic little cup exchange. The snake setup behind them isn't just decor, that's called the Caduceus of Hermes and it's an ancient symbol that signifies balance and union

      This indicates that your relationship is going to be one of mutual respect where both partners take care of each other equally. The red lion at the top is a symbol of the fiery passion between our two loves, which means that your relationship will be not only functional but steamy. 


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        Four of Wands

        In the 4 of Wands, we see a happy couple, surrounded by flowers, some of which are arranged in bouquets. Sound familiar? This card is all about celebration and what better thing to celebrate that a wedding? Four is also a notoriously stable number in tarot, which indicates that the marriage will be a solid one. 

        In the background are the happy couple's friends and family, who have all gathered to share their celebration of an important milestone. So if you're currently wondering whether or not he'll put a ring on it already, the 4 of Wands is a very good sign. 

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          Ten of Cups

          Awww, see how happy this little family looks? Looks like you've got a great family life in store if this one shows up to answer your questions about love. The happy couple celebrates a rainbow, which signifies the end of hard times and the fulfilled promises of the work they put into their little farm and family. Now they've reaped the rewards and have a sweet little house and happy kids dancing around at their feet. 

          As you can see, the woman's dress is a little tattered, so there aren't necessarily any promises of marrying a millionaire in this card, just a solid mate who will make you incredibly happy. As the river of life flowing beyond them signifies, this family may not be living in a castle, but they've got everything they could ever ask for.