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Adults Are Sharing Things They Loved As Kids That Don't Hit The Same Now

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Adulthood can be filled with many incredible opportunities that can drastically differ from childhood. While there are many things that people love throughout their life, some things may not hit the same as they did when they were kids. Reddit user u/ChaosEO347 asked: "What’s something you loved as a kid but hate as an adult?" and the responses had us feeling like Tom Hanks in Big.

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    From Reddit user u/Illustrious_Repair:

    Spending the night at someone else’s house.

    Reddit user u/jazzisaurus replied:

    Totally, I have a friend who lives about an hour away (via public transit) and whenever I go to visit her and we go out for drinks, she says I can stay over. Even if it’s 2am, I always choose to pay for the 47-minute uber ride home so I can sleep in my own bed and wake up in my own house!

    Wish you could go back?
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    Carnival Rides

    From Reddit user u/JaceMalcolm:

    Carnival rides. Used to love em as a kid. Now I can't get on the tilt-a-whirl without getting super sick.

    Reddit user u/Hobbsolo replied:

    Man, I used to LOVE the Scrambler at fairs - Went on one a few years ago, and my fn neck just hurt for days lol. G-forces tryna yank my head right off!

    Kind of a depressing “I’m-getting-old” moment for me.

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    Getting Mail

    From Reddit user u/stresstive626:

    Getting mail.

    As a kid it was exciting cos it would only happen around Christmas and my birthday but now it's just bills.

    Reddit user u/Cayde_7even replied:

    ...and junk mail.

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    Growing Up

    From Reddit user u/krystalStevens:

    Growing up. Couldn't wait to grow up when I was a kid, but dread getting older now.

    Reddit user u/idklmao9 replied:

    I can relate to this so much. One year into adulthood and all I can think of is f*ck go back.

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