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The 13 Most Devastating Low Blows In Anime History

Updated 13 Jan 2020 4.2k votes 841 voters 29.3k views13 items

Not every anime character approaches conflict honorably. In fact, some characters do exactly the opposite by hitting their opponent where it hurts the most - right between the legs. 

Sometimes it's an accident - Saitama didn't mean for Sonic to slam junk first into his super powered fist, Sonic was just so fast that Saitama didn't have time to prevent it. At other times, though, it's 100% intentional. Filo did not care what happened to Motoyasu's manhood when she rammed into it claw first. Whether intentional or unintentional, though, these anime characters end the scene in a world of pain. 

Which of these anime low blows made you cringe the hardest?

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