The 13 Most Devastating Low Blows In Anime History

Not every anime character approaches conflict honorably. In fact, some characters do exactly the opposite by hitting their opponent where it hurts the most - right between the legs. 

Sometimes it's an accident - Saitama didn't mean for Sonic to slam junk first into his super powered fist, Sonic was just so fast that Saitama didn't have time to prevent it. At other times, though, it's 100% intentional. Filo did not care what happened to Motoyasu's manhood when she rammed into it claw first. Whether intentional or unintentional, though, these anime characters end the scene in a world of pain. 

Which of these anime low blows made you cringe the hardest?


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    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Wasn't Fast Enough In 'One Punch Man'

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic Wasn't Fast Enough In 'One Punch Man'
    Photo: Madhouse

    Saitama didn't mean to use his ultra-powered fists on Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's jingle bells - it just sort of happened. Sonic, who was attempting to fight Saitama, ended up accidentally launching himself crotchfirst into Saitama's waiting fist, too fast for the latter to react.

    Realizing what happened, Saitama apologizes. Sonic stands there shaking with his legs bowed, promising to defeat Saitama next time. Not so sure about that one, buddy.

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    Deku Did Nothing To Deserve Getting Decked In 'My Hero Academia'

    All Deku wanted to do was be friendly to the five-year-old kid he encountered at training camp. Kota had other plans, however. An avid hater of heroes, his fist went straight for Deku's nether regions the instant he said a word.

    Deku's friend Iida runs over to catch him as he falls, yelling, "You fiend of a child! A punch to the scrotum is unforgivable!"

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    Naruto Almost Didn't Become Boruto's Dad In 'Naruto Shippudden'

    Luckily for the future Hokage's lineage, this particular nut-based incident only happened in a filler episode. When Naruto and the rest of his team are on a mission to investigate an incident in Tonika Village, he encounters a kid who thinks he's an enemy, and rams him in the crotch before zipping away like nothing happened. The kid is lucky that Naruto reacts by whimpering instead of unleashing a retaliatory Rasengan.

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    Getting Set On Fire Isn't The Worse Thing That Happens To Magma In 'Dr. Stone'

    The Kingdom of Science lives by the pragmatic rule of "whatever works, do it." Sure, there's no way in hell that Chrome can actually defeat Magma the behemoth in strength-based combat, but that doesn't mean he can't win. To save Ruri from being forced to marry Magma, Chrome doesn't have much of a choice.

    After Gen distracts Magma with some fake sorcery, Chrome sets his clothes on fire and rams him in the stones with a wooden staff. What a way to win a match.