14 Superhero Movie Moments That Were Low-Key Power Moves

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Who doesn't enjoy a fantastic superhero movie flex? You know, the moment where a hero lets the audience know they are not someone to be messed with? We're not talking about the show-stopping heroics that movie trailers are built on. Superman catching a crashing plane may sell a lot of theater tickets, but it isn't exactly a "low-key power move." No, a low-key flex is something that kicks butt a little more subtly.

Like Selina Kyle going back to work the day after she was murdered by Max Shreck in Batman Returns. Or Iron Man saving Spider-Man from drowning while he is at a wedding halfway across the globe in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Or Captain America repeatedly lapping Sam Wilson while jogging around Washington, DC, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Scroll on down and vote up the low-key heroic flexes you can't help but love.