The Luckiest Characters In The ‘Harry Potter’ Film Franchise

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Harry Potter may be one of the most beloved series of young adult novels ever written. J.K. Rowling was the first author to earn over $1 billion from book sales, and fans continue to clamor for more of her wonderful wizarding world. This is extra astounding considering Harry Potter was Rowling’s first published work - how many authors can say their first books were a wild success?

When fans are immersed in Harry’s world, Rowling’s reasons for popularity become self-evident. From scraps of ideas drafted on the backs of napkins, Rowling crafted a world full of identifiable, memorable, cherishable characters, set in a world close enough to our own to be familiar, yet exotic enough to make readers long to step inside its magical walls. To top it off, the movies adapted from the books are beautifully cast and crafted - ones that can be watched over and over again. 

Many of the characters in Harry Potter undergo hardships that bring readers to tears, but they also experience incredibly fortuitous circumstances that allow readers a sigh of (comic) relief. From Quidditch players to Dark Arts practitioners to magical creatures, here are some of the luckiest Harry Potter characters.