The Luckiest Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked

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Vote up the characters who wouldn’t survive without incredible luck.

Who is the luckiest MCU character? When it comes to the men, women, gods, and aliens who have stumbled their way through life, averting chaos and disaster through no real action on their part, we've got some serious contenders.

Opinions may vary on who the luckiest Marvel character is in the comics, but the movies make things a little more straightforward. The MCU is packed with self-made heroes and villains whose skills have allowed them to triumph over seemingly impossible odds, but there are plenty of characters who just coast by, sometimes oblivious to their own good fortune.

To a degree, most superheroes and villains exist because of a stroke of good (or bad) luck, but many rise to the occasion once they're granted the opportunity for greatness. Meanwhile, others are happy to just keep dodging their own doom, and it's up to you to decide which character in the MCU is the luckiest.