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The Luckiest Survivors From Horror Movies

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Final girls, final boys, and horror movie survivors tend to have one thing in common: They’re lucky. When you think about it, the best horror movies don’t have super capable main characters who are able to go toe-to-toe with characters like Jason Voorhees or a bunch of creatures from another dimension. These survivors tend to be lucky more than anything; they’re either saved by something as natural as the sunrise or the dreaded deus ex machina. 

Just because these characters aren’t extremely capable doesn’t mean that they’re not good, it’s just that they never expected to be in a situation where they had to deal with a sleep demon or a bunch of aliens that want to take over their high school. The odds are stacked against every character in a horror movie, but these survivors are seriously out of their element. 

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    Paxton From ‘Hostel’

    It's clear from the moment that Paxton and his friends set foot in Europe that they're woefully unprepared for being in a foreign country, and if these guys can't handle making their way through clubs in Eastern Europe, then there's no way that Paxton can deal with a super wealthy cabal of psychos. 

    After he's captured by the group that brutally does away with tourists, Paxton is restrained and some of his fingers are removed. Paxton is locked in a torture chamber, and he lucks out when his manacles are accidentally released. He somehow makes his way through a basement filled with guards and people who are super excited to commit evil deeds, and he ends up making it home. 

    • Played By: Jay Hernandez
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  • Ash is great. He's one of the most popular characters in horror cinema, but there's no way that he should have made it out of The Evil Dead, let alone Evil Dead II or Army of Darkness.

    Regardless of his charm and wit, Ash is completely out of his depth when facing the Deadites. Not only are they a group of demons that can assume any form - from your deceased girlfriend to a basement-dwelling monster - but there are so many of them that Ash would be consumed by these creatures if he weren't incredibly lucky. 

    • Played By: Bruce Campbell
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  • Photo: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter / Paramount Pictures

    Jason Voorhess, the unstoppable, beefy, hockey-mask-wearing undead psychopath has mowed through scores of teens throughout the Friday the 13th series, but he never managed to take down Tommy Jarvis. Is it because Jarvis was so canny and ruthless that he could match Jason move for move, or was he just really lucky? 

    Jarvis first manages to avoid the slice of Jason's machete in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter by shaving his head and apparently appealing to the straight-up undead monster's sense of self. Jarvis basically confuses Jason long enough for his sister to deal a "final" blow to the monster. That's not even the luckiest move from Jarvis. In Jason Lives, Jarvis manages to wrap a chain attached to a large rock to Jason while the two fight on a boat. Jason throttles Jarvis so hard that they both fall in the water and Jarvis' plan to stick Jason to the bottom of Crystal Lake technically works out. 

    Jason drags Jarvis under the water with him so Jarvis has to play possum until Jason lets him go. To make it worse, Jarvis's love interest actually deals a striking blow to Jason when she jumps in the boat, turns on its engine, and uses the propellers to slice into the monster's face. 

    • Played By: Corey Feldman
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  • When the powerful supernatural slayer Freddy Krueger specifically targets Walsh as his earthly counterpart, it's clear from the start that this kid has zero chance of making it out alive. Krueger spends the movie taking over Walsh's body and forcing him to commit more and more depraved acts until he literally rips out of his body. 

    It's unclear how the mechanics of Krueger's plan works, but he's a dream demon so a minimum of linear explanation isn't such a big deal. It's Walsh's ability to survive this onslaught that's mind-boggling. In the end, he survives through the power of friendship, but it seems more like luck than anything else that saved this teen. 

    • Played By: Mark Patton
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