The Best Tarot Cards For Good Luck 

Samantha Dillinger
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When it comes to the luckiest Tarot cards, any good fortune teller will explain that no card is necessarily good or bad, depending on how closely you chose to listen to its lessons. That said, there are a few Tarot cards that definitely tend to be a welcome sight in almost any reading. Some such cards bring news of impending good fortune while others affirm that you are on the right track when it comes to love or money. Some readers even carry some Tarot cards for good luck if there's something in particular that they are trying to manifest in their lives.  

Here we'll take a look at a few such lucky tarot cards and what messages they may be trying to tell you if they appear in various positions in a reading. Keep in mind while the tarot can be an excellent hint of what's to come if you stay on a given path, there is no such thing as a future written in stone. While a card may be able to assure you that you're on the right path to your goals, it's up to you to stay on that path until your dreams become a reality. 

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Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles features a large hand reaching out of the clouds and over a lush, bountiful garden, offering a pentacle to the seeker. Through the garden, a path is presented which leads to higher ground. As a rule, the suit of Pentacles stands for material abundance, wealth, money, and opportunity. 

Let's just say that if you're lucky enough to draw this card, you should definitely keep your eyes open for opportunities that may appear on the horizon. While a great opportunity has or soon will present itself, it's up to you to strike while the iron is hot and cash in on it. 

If the Ace of Pentacles appears in the past position, it may indicate a financial opportunity that it's time to take seriously and go for. In the present or future positions, it means that the time is right to advance in your life and career and cash in on the opportunities that present themselves. While there may be challenges ahead (symbolized by the mountains), your path will ultimately take you to new heights. 

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Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups features a hand holding a large overflowing cup appearing from the clouds. As the cup overflows into a vast pond, a dove descends towards it, bringing with it Divine blessings. 

As with the other Aces, the Ace of Cups is an invitation and a great one! The five streams that pour over the sides of the chalice represent an overflowing of emotion, intuition, and love as well as the five senses. The cup itself represents you as a vassal, currently overflowing with love, light, and blessings that you have the ability to give out to those around you. By opening yourself up to the blessings of the universe, you, in turn, become a blessing to others. 

The Ace of Cups in the past position may encourage you to reflect on the many blessings you've been given and allow your gratitude to make you a beacon of light which draws others in. In the present or future positions, this card can be a promise of blessings to come. Whether it be new relationships, creativity, or love, allow yourself to stay open to the possibilities and prepare to watch them materialize. 

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The Lovers

This shamelessly full front card shows Adam and Eve in all their original glory, standing in front of Raphael, the archangel of healing. The suggestively shaped mountain behind them is deliberate and the snake in the tree behind eve is a gentle reminder of temptations of a carnal nature. Behind Adam stands a tree ablaze with 12 flames. The fires represent the flame of passion and the fact that there are 12 of them stands for the 12 signs of the zodiac. 

Love is in the air when you see this card show up in a reading. And not just a purely sensual relationship, but one in which you've found a true connection with another person which brings both physical and emotional fulfillment. Though the lovers generally indicate a romantic relationship, it can also signify one in which you share a deep, unconditional love with a friend or family member. 

Seen in the past position, it can symbolize either a past relationship or the honeymoon period of one in which you find yourself now. Seen in the present or future position, it can be a major confirmation of the relationship you're currently in or an indication that you should keep your eyes peeled for a love that's about to rock your world.

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Three of Cups

This happy little card features three ladies with their cups raised high as they dance in the middle of a bountiful field. Happiness flows through the essence of the scene as they enjoy a little wine, each other's company, and the food in their hands (and hair, cause why not right?).

It may be no surprise that seeing this card come up in a reading signifies a time of happiness and joy. Specifically, it may relate to the connection you enjoy with your closest friends and the way you all work together to lift each other up. The harvest aspect of the card can also indicate hard work coming to fruition and the power of working together to achieve a common objective. 

If you see this card in the past position, it may signify a birthday, party, wedding, or any other celebration in your life. In the present or future, it can be seen as an encouragement to surround yourself with your BFF's, secure in the knowledge that your hard work will soon pay off. After all, what's the point of working hard in life if you don't have someone to enjoy the results with? 

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