Jobs Unexpected Jobs That Pay $70K And Above That You Don't Need A Degree To Get  

Mick Jacobs
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Why pay the staggering costs of college when plenty of high-paying jobs don't require a degree? Though many employers want college-educated workers, you can land other lucrative jobs without a diploma from a university.

A group of Redditors described their careers that pay $70K without a degree, a higher rate than most positions that require a college education. Mixing drinks, directing air traffic, and even watching people play video games can pay more than you think - and none of these positions require a college degree. While they all come with caveats, these careers lack the stress of mid-terms, textbooks, or high-interest loans. 

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From Redditor /u/rachelgraychel:

Paralegal. I actually do have a degree (in biology) but I don't use it for my job. I was an administrative assistant with a useless degree making sh*tty money until I got my paralegal certification; now I make around $80k plus bonuses, and there's a high demand for it in my market, so I get lots of contacts from recruiters.

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Car Sales

From Redditor /u/AdelS50:

Car sales! If you have the drive, $10,000-a-month is very doable!

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Unionized Hotel Concierge

From Redditor /u/alldayallnoche:

Unionized hotel concierge here, in NYC. 70K+ after overtime; I made 94k last year and that doesn't count cash tips that I make regularly. I love my job.

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Flight Attendant

From Redditor /u/gocamping:

Unionized flight attendant. Top pay is $65-an-hour hour, so 100 hours a month equals $6,500, plus per diem is over 80k pre taxes. I have a degree, but many don't. All sorts of people former lawyers, accountants, etc.

Honestly, it can be a lot of fun. I have gotten to travel all over the world and see many places within the US I may or may not have ever made it too. It can be lonely though. You pretty much always work with someone you don't know and spend a lot of time in cities alone. 

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