cannibalism Luka Magnotta: The Man Who Killed And Maybe Cannibalized Just For Fame  

Laura Allan
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When Lin Jun disappeared in 2012, his family and friends could never have imagined the horrors that lay in store. As the Luka Magnotta case unfolded, police would find extreme narcissism, cannibalism, necrophilia, and degradation - the likes of which Canada had never seen before. In one of the most bizarre deaths of 2012, Magnotta killed Lin Jun on camera, posted it to the Internet, gained a fanbase, and even sent body parts around the world, just to cause a stir. The Luka Magnotta crimes were grisly and looking deeper into them is bound to make some people queasy. 

Before you read on, be warned that this article is not for the faint of heart. There are no graphic images or videos, but many descriptions here are pretty nauseating. You may be wondering, "What exactly did Luka Magnotta do?" The better question may be, what didn't he do. His actions range from gay adult films to fraud to sexually violating a human corpse. As stated earlier, not exactly something you want to read about before bed. That being said, the case of Magnotta is one that is morbidly fascinating. It shows a picture of depravity and insanity that is nearly impossible to match. 

He Killed A College Student And Filmed It

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Luka Magnotta's biggest claim to horrifying fame came when he began dating Lin Jun. Jun was from a traditional family, so he hid his homosexual tendencies and practices. He was an international Chinese student from Wuhan at Concordia University and began seeing Magnotta in 2012. Then, one day in May, he simply vanished.

On May 25th, a video surfaced online called, "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick." In the video, Jun is seen tied to a bed frame while Magnotta stabs him over and over with an ice pick and a kitchen knife. Magnotta then dismembers Jun and performs sexual acts with the dead body. There is even a dog brought in to chew on the body. It would take days for people to recognize that they were bearing witness to Lin Jun's actual murder. 

He Sexually Violated Jun's Dead Body And May Have Even Eaten Parts Of It

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While the video still exists in some corners of the web, the descriptions of its contents are enough to make your skin crawl. From the video itself, as it was posted online, police knew that acts of necrophilia were committed. Magnotta used Jun's severed arm to fondle himself, forced his penis into the mouth of Jun's severed head, and further sodomized the corpse with a wine bottle. 

He also used a steak knife and a fork to cut away portions of Jun's flesh, as if he may eat them. While the video posted online does not show this happening, police later reveal that there is additional footage that was never shared on the Internet. When they searched Magnotta's apartment, they uncovered a longer version of the video and said that it looked like Magnotta was eating Jun's flesh from his corpse. After he was caught, he was accused of cannibalism in court.

He Sent Human Body Parts To Political Parties And Elementary Schools

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As police searched his apartment, another horrifying development took place. Strange, smelly, and blood-stained packages began to show up at various political party offices and schools throughout Canada. A hand and a foot showed up in Ottawa political offices and were quickly linked to Jun. False Creek Elementary School in British Columbia received a body part package, as did St. George’s School, a private school for boys. Police realized they were still missing the head, the leg, and the other foot. 

While Jun's head was later discovered in a park, some of the body parts never did turn up. 

Before He Killed People, Magnotta Killed Kittens

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Magnotta had a bit of a history with the police before he even met Lin Jun. In 2010, he put up a video online called, "1 Boy 2 Kittens," where he put two kittens in a vacuum bag, sucked out the air, and suffocated them to death. He was then seen rubbing the bodies of the dead animals against his genitals. In another video, he drowned his pet cat, and in yet another, he fed a kitten to a very large snake. He did this while wearing a hood or mask in order to hide his identity.

However, he had posed with the cats before and several unique personal items in the videos could identify him. Still, this was not enough to get police heavily involved. Online activist groups were outraged as they tried to get police to take these actions seriously. Ominously enough, one member on an activist Facebook group posted: "He might end up killing human beings one day. He might just not stop with animals."