Everything You Need to Know About Luke Cage to Truly Understand His Character

With the release of Netflix’s Luke Cage series, many casual fans of comics unfamiliar with the character may ask themselves, who is Luke Cage? Reviewers have heaped praise on the show for its stellar performances and award-winning cast. The show has taken relatively obscure characters, unknown to anyone who isn't a die-hard Marvel fan, and thrust them into the spotlight. 

Luke Cage, aka Power Man, has been on Marvel's roster for more than 40 years, but has never been a household name like Wolverine, Iron Man or Captain America. Like predecessors Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Netflix’s Luke Cage takes place in a New York City not quite recovered from the events of the first Avengers movie and introduces characters in the Marvel Universe that mainstream audience may not know. Keep reading to understand how Luke Cage became Luke Cage. You'll find everything you need to truly understand who Luke Cage is below.