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Easter Eggs You Probably Missed on Marvel's Luke Cage

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Who's ready for some Luke Cage easter eggs?? Netflix's newest Marvel show has been out for a few days now, so if you're a normal person with good taste, you've probably seen a couple of episodes. If you're a fanboy (or girl), you've probably watched the whole series two and a half times and dissected each episode like a frog in Biology class. Either way, there's still a few references you may have missed.

That's right - character shout-outs, costume call-backs, and comic events made live - we've got them all here! You hear what she said about Jessica Jones? You catch Stan the Man in his tiniest appearance yet? You know why Dapper Dan is so damn dapper??

Whether you do or you don't, read our easter hunt and vote up your favorite eggs. Then watch Luke Cage a third time with the knowledge and enjoyment that only fanatical, obsessive-compulsive info-stalking can provide! Time to familiarize yourself with the easter eggs in Marvel's Luke Cage!

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    Play Misty for Me

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Comic fans will recognize Misty Knight, a police officer and central protagonist on Netflix's Luke Cage, as the comic book hero and longtime girlfriend of Danny "Iron Fist" Rand. Which makes her one-night stand with Luke all the more awkward. More to the point, Misty gets shot in the arm by Diamondback during the show, and Claire Temple warns her that the arm might have to be amputated. This may foreshadow the creation of a bionic arm, which her comic book counterpart has had for some time now.

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    Foreshadowing the Fist

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    In the last moments of the series finale, Claire Temple is seen pulling a tab from a self-defense flyer. You can hardly blame her, considering the Netflix-Marvel universe has had her beaten, shot at, mugged, and kidnapped, and still hasn't seen fit to give the poor girl any superpowers. Anyway, astute viewers will notice that the name on the self-defense ad is "Colleen Wing." In the comics, Wing is a classically-trained samurai from Japan, and a longtime crime-fighting partner of Iron Fist, who will soon be getting his own Netflix show. Who better to connect that show to the rest than Claire Temple, via self-defense lessons?? Can't wait to see how she suffers, er, gets along on that show!

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    If You See Stan Lee, Say Something!

    Photo: Netflix

    During the penultimate episode of Luke Cage, Luke sees a couple of thugs don ski masks and enter a convenience store intending to rob it. Ironically, there's a poster on the outside of the shop that says, "See a crime? Report it!" On that poster is a picture of a police officer's face. Who is that handsome officer? None other than the MAN himself, Stan Lee! Excelsior!

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    Justice Is Blind

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, is mentioned several times in Luke Cage. When Claire refers to him, Cage says, "You talking about that cat running around beating people up?" And when Luke gets into legal trouble, Claire says she knows a really great lawyer. Whether on the street or in the court, Daredevil is the man to call.

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