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Easter Eggs You Probably Missed on Marvel's Luke Cage

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Who's ready for some Luke Cage easter eggs?? Netflix's newest Marvel show has been out for a few days now, so if you're a normal person with good taste, you've probably seen a couple of episodes. If you're a fanboy (or girl), you've probably watched the whole series two and a half times and dissected each episode like a frog in Biology class. Either way, there's still a few references you may have missed.

That's right - character shout-outs, costume call-backs, and comic events made live - we've got them all here! You hear what she said about Jessica Jones? You catch Stan the Man in his tiniest appearance yet? You know why Dapper Dan is so damn dapper??

Whether you do or you don't, read our easter hunt and vote up your favorite eggs. Then watch Luke Cage a third time with the knowledge and enjoyment that only fanatical, obsessive-compulsive info-stalking can provide! Time to familiarize yourself with the easter eggs in Marvel's Luke Cage!

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    Power Who??

    Photo: Marvel

    Even in the comics, Luke Cage is pretty much always called "Luke Cage" by everyone. But, although seldom used, he does have a superhero name: Power Man. On the show, Pop sometimes calls him this. And when Claire calls Luke "Macho Man," Luke tells her it's "Power Man." Her response: "That's even cornier."

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    Did You Catch That Catchphrase??

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Several times, in various episodes of the show, Luke Cage says, "Sweet Christmas!" He says it when he punches the wall in Seagate Prison and sees that he's now super strong. He says it when he climbs out of the garbage truck after being shot with Judas bullets twice by Diamondback. "Sweet Christmas" is actually Luke's catchphrase from the comics, hearkening back to his Blaxploitation days. It's a cute callback, but I gotta agree with Diamondback when he says, "Don't start with that 'Sweet Christmas' sh*t!" during a flashback to their adolescent years.

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    Defending the Defenders

    Photo: Marvel Comics

    Coming to Netflix eventually is Marvel's Defenders, the street-level team-up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The members of this super-group are chatted about throughout this season of Luke Cage. Pop tells Luke he should help people, like those fellas downtown. He's talking about Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

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    The Pic and the Stick

    Photo: Netflix

    Fans of Netflix's Jessica Jones will remember a certain picture that she finds in Luke Cage's medicine cabinet. This was a pic of Reva, Luke's significant other, who was killed by Jessica at Kilgrave's command. The pic shows up in Luke's medicine cabinet again here. He's also carrying a memory stick in a dog tag around his neck, which he and Claire unlock using Dr. Burstein's computer. This is the same memory stick that Reva was protecting in Jones's series - the one handed off to Luke by Jessica towards the finale.

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