Luke Evans Loves and Hookups

Who is Luke Evans dating? That can be a difficult question to answer, as Evans is quite private about his personal life—but who could blame him? The openly-gay actor has been out since the early 2000s and has often been the subject of romance rumors. Though he typically remains tight lipped about his dating history, Evans has discussed outing aplenty—stating it's never affected his acting career and how he enjoys not having anything to hide. The world still wants to know, however, who are Luke Evans' exes? Who has he dated in the past? 

Back in 2010 to 2011, Luke Evans was reportedly dating fashion publicist Holly Goodchild, which raised plenty of questions from fans and reporters everywhere. Despite having come out, the two didn't necessarily hide their relationship and Goodchild even addressed it publicly, stating that things we're going quite well. Years after their romance ended, Evans was rumored to be dating model and actor John Kortajarena in 2014, though the alleged relationship didn't last long. 

Throughout 2018, numerous rumors were sparked regarding Evans and fellow actor Victor Turpin. Though neither publicly stated they were dating, Turpin's Instagram posts did point to the fact they were indeed an item. Now, you can find his list of relationships, flings, and dating history below—though we may truly never know just who Luke Evans is romantically linked to.