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18 'Star Wars' Fans Point Out Details About Luke Skywalker We Never Noticed

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If there was ever a fictional character you could blindly trust, it'd be Luke Skywalker. When Star Wars first premiered in 1977, nobody knew exactly how much of an impact a moisture farmer from a galaxy far, far away would have on the cultural zeitgeist. Now, nearly half a century later, long-time fans and newbies alike are experiencing the willpower and compassion of Luke Skywalker with the lens and insight of the internet. Spanning generations, fans are pointing out things people might have overlooked when they first watched the films in the Skywalker Saga. 

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    Right In The Feels

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    You Have To Wonder If There's Ever Any Phantom Pains

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    Just Imagine How Different The Galaxy Would Be If Luke Did What He Wanted

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    This Clears Up A Lot Actually

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