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Interesting Luna Lovegood Fan Theories We Really Want To Believe

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Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in history. It's gifted us with so much magic, lore, and incredible characters that there's bound to be a fanbase to match. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is scour the internet for fan theories, and there are a lot of them. Luna Lovegood captured our hearts from day one with her quirkiness and lulling voice, so it's no surprise that fans are still curious about the things that went unsaid. Which Luna Lovegood fan theory do you think could be true? Vote up your favorites!

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    Luna Lovegood Is A Legilimens

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor u/inigomontoyaaaas:

    I'm beginning to think Luna Lovegood is a Legilimens. I started thinking that Queenie in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them talks a lot like her. Then I followed it for a bit and noticed that Luna always seemed to be able to know how people felt and what they wanted to say. Maybe she has a downgraded version of the skill? Or has it in full and doesn't use it out of politeness?

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    Luna Was Sorted Into Ravenclaw For Her Emotional Intelligence

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Tumblr user harrypotterconfessions:

    People seem to to frequently associate Ravenclaws with logical intelligence and often question why Luna was placed into the house,  but there are multiple forms of intelligence and people often forget that when they think of Ravenclaw house. Someone with high empathy could be sorted into the house for their strong emotional intelligence. Someone who's musically smart, but not as smart in other ways could still be a Ravenclaw. You could literally suck at academics in general, but still be a Ravenclaw, because there are other ways to possess intelligence that don't pertain to school-related stuff. Like Luna.

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    Harry Named His Daughter After Luna

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Quora user Shitij Nigam:

    Luna clearly had an impact on Harry's life and everyone around him. Luna brought about the best in everyone. She was friends with Ginny, who always defended her. So did Hermione. Ron was reprimanded and felt bad for her despite having a snarky side to him. Harry felt bad for her too, which was a welcome character trait, since Harry being an orphan was always on the receiving end of sympathy.

    Luna was constantly supportive of Harry. The quibbler, Dumbledore's Army, flying to the Ministry on Thestrals, when Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts with Draco - all the way to the end. She was with him near the whispering veil and understood him - she was one of the few who had experienced a close-one's death too, so she could relate to how he took to the death of Sirius, how he reacted to Thestrals, etc. Small things.

    Luna introduced the Lovegood craziness to the story. Not just nargles, but without her, no Ravenclaw headdress, no element of Deathly Hallows introduction, nothing to tie the story together. Comic relief. Is it really that hard to understand why one of Harry's daughters' middle name was Luna?

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    Luna Saved Ginny's Life By Being Her Friend

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince / Warner Bros. Pictures

    From Redditor u/LucyCarmicheal:

    Ginny at 11 years old was manipulated and possessed by Voldemort and he forced her to hurt other people and then almost kill herself. How do you on your own become the strong, kind, witch she became by yourself after that? How do you move on. I think Ginny had a really bad summer with no one to talk to and no professional help and at 11-12 years old was suffering in silence and having terrible nightmares. Her parents want to help her move on but she still hasn’t processed what really happened. Now cut to her 2nd year and she’s having a hard time making friends with rumors about her involvement in last years trouble spreading about (probably by Malfoy) and she’s crying in an empty stairwell and a 2nd year Ravenclaw with radish earrings appears, it’s Luna, and she talks to her so plainly and straight forward and listens to Ginny and Luna give her strange but kind encouraging words. Luna becomes some who Ginny trusts and helps her cope with such a terrible thing and Ginny then defends her anytime anyone calls her “Loony” because she knows Luna is a better witch than any of them but is too kind to defend herself not that she can’t. And that is how a lost Gryffindor and a loony Ravenclaw became best friends.

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