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17 Memes That Prove Luna Lovegood Is Way More Important Than She Is Given Credit For

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Wrackspurts, Nargles, the Rotfang Conspiracy, and radish earrings all sum up Luna Lovegood - but only on the surface. Beneath her quirkiness, Luna Lovegood has a lot of traits that suggest she is one of the best characters in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Don't forget she's a Ravenclaw, so even though she often seems to be off in her own strange world reading The Quibbler, she's very intelligent. And her loyalty, kindness, courage, and willingness to be herself are admirable qualities, too.

Luna Lovegood memes show a lot of love for Luna. If you think it's weird to love Luna, too, don't worry - you're just as sane as she is.