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This Geeky Dad's Comics Teach Us All About Love, Tolerance, And Dealing With Depression

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While there are many webcomics about parenting, comic artist Lunarbaboon (AKA Chris Grady) separates himself by adding a flair of adorable geeky-ness and honest relatability. As a husband, father, and school teacher, Grady has a unique set of experiences and began drawing comics in 2012 as a way to make sense of his life. Thanks to Kickstarter campaigns, Grady has also collected his comics into several printed books.

Many of the best webcomics about raising kids are somewhat autobiographical for artists, and Lunarbaboon is no exception. Although there are plenty of references to famous scientists and Star Wars, the best online comics from Lunarbaboon are the ones that are completely honest, whether Grady is loving his family or becoming one of those parents who troll their kids.

Like the comics of George Drawz, Grady is also honest about his struggles with mental illness. Like some other comics about depression, there is an uplifting message under the darkness, making them as sweet as they are sad. You can read more Lunarbaboon on the official website or webtoons, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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    Mommy Knows Best

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    Parental Pranks

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    You Can't Argue With Perfection

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    It Runs In The Family

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