Weird Nature This Luxury Pet Hotel In Las Vegas Is Nicer Than Any Apartment You'll Ever Own  

Mick Jacobs

Living like a dog doesn't sound so bad if you get to live it in luxury. The video below gives you a glimpse into the Luxe Pet Hotel, where rich and famous pooches live the high life as every good boy should.

With 21,000 square feet of space, Luxe Pet Hotels offer man's best friend much more than just belly rubs, treats, and a walk around the block. At Luxe, dogs honestly receive better treatment than you'd likely receive at a Hilton Hotel.

Luxe offers your pet a spa, a gym, and private suites complete with silk sheets nicer than the ones in your studio apartment. If that wasn't enough, Luxe also sports a high-end shop for the Bruiser Woods in your life.

Watch below to learn how your dog can enjoy Sin City just as much as you do. But when you drop them off at Luxe before you head to the slots, you may just find yourself wishing you got to join your pet.