The Greatest Inventions In Hillbilly Luxury

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It doesn’t take tons of cash to enjoy the finer things in life. Especially if your idea of the “finer things” includes plush toilet recliners and floating picnic tables. All you need is some duct tape and a dream, and you could find yourself in redneck heaven in no time! No matter how many redneck jokes you make at the expense of these country bumpkins, the ultimate joke is still on you. Do YOU spend your days relaxing on a duct tape hammock? We didn’t think so.

Before you get too jealous of these backwoods inventions, take a stroll through this list. We and tracked down some of the finest hillbilly luxury ideas in the world. Get a load of some of the classiest, slickest, and coolest ways to live a life of country leisure. Your ticket to the redneck yacht club is just one chicken-coop-with-a-chandelier away. Which of these hillbilly inventions is your favorite?

Photo: u/flounder19 / Reddit

  • 1. This Front Yard Junker Car Oasis

    This Front Yard Junker Car Oasis
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,410 votes
  • 2. This Floating Picnic Table

    This Floating Picnic Table
    Photo: u/flounder19 / Reddit
    1,235 votes
  • 3. This Hot Tub With A Mosquito Net

    This Hot Tub With A Mosquito Net
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,216 votes
  • 4. This Upscale Duck Blind

    This Upscale Duck Blind
    Photo: Pinterest
    1,106 votes
  • 5. This Mobile Gardening Shack

    This Mobile Gardening Shack
    Photo: Pinterest
    917 votes
  • 6. This Fancy Tub Couch

    This Fancy Tub Couch
    Photo: Pinterest
    946 votes