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This Woman Survived A Deranged Murderer - By Befriending Him

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Lynn Larsen's survival story made headlines in 2015 after she befriended a murderer who barged into her Ontario home to tell her he shot his wife. The man, John Strang, developed an obsession with Larsen after meeting her through friends. When Strang showed up on her doorstep at random to tell her his horrific story, the woman escaped murder by befriending him. She listened to him rant for nearly two hours until he left. She then phoned the police to relay the story. 

Stories of women who survived serial killer encounters often involve the heroine's use of quick and resourceful thinking. This story is no different. Larsen did not panic when Strang made his confession. Instead, she pretended to be patient and sympathetic. While the death of Strang's wife tragically rocked the community, one other potential victim was at least spared a similar fate. 

  • Strang Told His Neighbor He Could Shoot Someone Two Weeks Before The Murder

    Photo: CBCSaskatchewan / YouTube

    Before John Strang shot his wife, he displayed some troubling warning signs. He was seen purchasing a large amount of guns and ammunition prior to the shooting. And according to one neighbor, Strang told him, “I could shoot someone no problem.” He then showed his neighbor four guns he had in the back of his car.

  • Strang Purchased Sex Toys And Supplements Prior To The Murder

    Photo: CBCSaskatchewan / YouTube

    John had been sexually fixated on Lynn Larsen for months before murdering his wife. Prior to the murder, he purchased sexual supplements as well as handcuffs. Larsen was unaware of her neighbor's feelings.

  • Strang Lied To Multiple People About Having Terminal Cancer

    Photo: CBCSaskatchewan / YouTube

    John Strang told many lies in the months proceeding Lisa’s murder. He told several people he had various forms of terminal cancer. In June 2015, he phoned Lynn Larsen’s husband, Roland, and told him he had stomach cancer and only a few months left to live. Strang asked Roland if he could stay on the family’s ranch house to clear his head. While Roland disliked Strang, he agreed because he sincerely believed Strang was dying.

  • Strang Was Apprehended With A Car Full Of Weapons After A Suicide Attempt

    Photo: CBCSaskatchewan / YouTube

    After John left the Larsen home, the quick-witted woman phoned police to report the incident. John was soon apprehended. He had attempted suicide by taking Tylenol and Viagra and also had wounds on his wrists. The police found a stock pile of weapons in John’s jeep, which included 16 knives, three axes, a machete, rope, and duct tape.