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Fan Theories About M. Night Shyamalan Movies That Are The Ultimate Twist

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Love them or hate them, M. Night Shyamalan movies have a tendency to stick with you long after leaving the theater, as your mind attempts to unravel all the symbolism and intricate details they contain. But a group of Reddit fans went even deeper into the Shyamalan universe, diving into a rabbit hole of fan theories that could change everything. These Shyamalan fan theories place films like Split, Unbreakable, Glass, and The Village in a whole new light.

From The Sixth Sense to After Earth, you'll get a look at some of the wildest and most brilliant M. Night Shyamalan fan theories ever to hit the internet. Vote up the theory that sounds the most probable.

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    Dunn's Showdown With The Beast Was Hinted At In 'Unbreakable'

    Photo: Unbreakable / Buena Vista Pictures

    Did Shyamalan plan to connect Unbreakable and Split all along? Reddit user u/Park240 theorizes that not only was that the plan, but that it was also hinted at in Unbreakable. Remember the scene where Elijah Glass's mother lures him away from the safety of their apartment by leaving him a comic book on a bench outside? If you look closely at the cover of the comic, it could be seen as foreshadowing the showdown between the Beast and David Dunn. 

    Shyamalan uses color symbolism in his films, which would provide evidence to this theory. In each movie, David is regularly seen wearing green, Kevin is often in yellow, and Elijah favors purple. So the idea of a hero wearing green could stand for David, a beast wearing yellow would work for Kevin and his Beast personality, and the fact that purple surrounds the whole scene is perfectly symbolic of the role that Elijah plays in bringing them together for their epic rooftop battle. 

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    The Grandparents In 'The Visit' Grow More Unhinged Because They're Coming Off Their Meds

    In The Visit, a couple of youngsters named Becca and Tyler are invited to visit their grandparents (who they've never met), only to discover it is not their grandparents who have invited them at all. It is revealed that their real grandparents have been slain by two mental patients from a local asylum that they used to visit as counselors. The imposters then assumed their identities. 

    It doesn't take long for things to unravel as the fake grandparents get progressively crazier. Redditor u/Spoggy theorizes that their rapid mental decline could be due to the fact that they're coming off of a great many medications.

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    Dr. Staple Is The Fourth Super

    Photo: Glass / Universal Pictures

    While Dr. Ellie Staple from Glass is a member of the Black Clover society, there might be more to her than meets the eye.

    Redditor u/jperkins79 suggests that she's actually the fourth superpowered human, possessing powers of mental control. This would make sense, given that her powers of mental persuasion seem to make both David Dunn and even members of Kevin's Horde doubt their own abilities. It is possible that her powers are even suggested by the comic book that Joseph Dunn picks up in the store, which features a villain called "The Whisperer."

    This would also fall in line with Glass's comment that every super has an opposite. While Dunn and the Beast are clearly each other's opposites, could Dr. Staple be the enemy of Mr. Glass? Elijah Glass seeks to create and shed light on other superpowered humans, while Staple's mission seems to be to destroy them. David and Kevin's rivalry is based on physical strength, but Glass and Staple seem to have a rivalry all their own. 

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    M. Night Shyamalan Is Playing The Same Character In 'Split,' 'Unbreakable,' And 'Glass'

    Photo: Split / Universal Pictures

    Among the big signature twists in M. Night Shyamalan's film repertoire was the discovery that both Unbreakable and Split take place in the same universe, sharing the same characters. Along with Glass, Shyamalan made cameos in all of them as the same character, first as a dealer in Unbreakable, then as a tech wizard named Jai who helps Dr. Fletcher spy on her patients in Split. In Glass, Jai shows up at David's security shop to buy equipment and recognizes David as the security guard from Unbreakable. His appearance in Glass acts as proof that the work David was doing made a difference. 

    Prior to the release of Glass, which confirmed this connection, Redditor u/Cynical-Sam posted a theory that the characters played by Shyamalan are all the same person - a credible theory that was eventually proven to be true. 

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