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20 Hidden Easter Eggs in Mac OS X That Will Blow Your Mind

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Mac users already know that the good folks over at Apple can be a bit of a wily bunch. We’re all familiar with the “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac” ads, and they've built up a reputation for cleverness -- if not cockiness. This sentiment was certainly not lost on the developers of the Mac and OS X, from the original crew way back when up until even the latest models. Apple has loaded their beloved Macintosh brand with enough Easter eggs, hidden features, and cool secrets to keep any wandering eye satisfied; some are buried deep within the computer’s command prompts, some are simply hiding in plain sight, and others can be found in iOS, too.

Some of these secrets are simple little nods and homages to the dev teams of old or even the late Steve Jobs himself. Did you know that his signature glasses actually made an appearance in the iOS 7 update? Other secrets are a little harder to find, and require certain inputs in the Terminal to access. Don’t worry, we’ll get you to them and show you how to find Mac Easter eggs that will make your Apple experience extra fun, and help you procrastinate work (want to play some Tetris?!).

These are some of the most mind-blowing Easter eggs hidden throughout both your current Mac and Mac computers of old, and we’ve dug them all up just for you. As always, leave a comment with any Mac Easter eggs you’d like us to see and upvote the coolest Mac secret features below!

  • 1. PCs Connected on the Shared Network Display the Blue Screen of Death

    If you open your "Shared Network" in Finder when a PC is connected, you'll notice that the screens on the PC icons show the classic "Blue Screen of Death," an error that pops up when PCs crash. This is a clear nod to Apple and Microsoft's longstanding rivalry.
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  • 2. The Sosumi Sound Is a Beatles Reference

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    The "Sosumi" alert sound - which can be found under the "Sound" setting in System Preferences - is an homage to the lawsuit filed against Apple by The Beatles's record label Apple Corps. While the lawsuit was eventually settled out of court in 2007, the sound remains in OS X as Apple's way of saying "so sue me."
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  • 3. There's a Full Fellowship of the Ring Timeline Hidden in Your Mac

    Open the Terminal and type in "cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.lotr" (without the quotes) and you'll be greeted to an exhaustive timeline of events in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. 
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  • 4. Your Mac Features a Mrs. Fields Cookies Recipe

    You can find a hidden recipe - along with some rather cheeky commentary - for Mrs. Fields Cookies if you type "open /usr/share/emacs/22.1/etc/COOKIES" into the Terminal.
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