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Facts About Macaulay Culkin We Just Learned That Made Us Say 'Really?'

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Best known for his mini MacGyver-like spunk in Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin's fame skyrocketed after the film's 1990 premiere. He went on to star in many other movies - even one where he was the villain - and was the center of tabloids for years, even if only for the tumultuous relationship with his father. In the decades since he rose to fame, there have been many questions and speculations made about the young star, but there are even more interesting facts we don't know about Macaulay Culkin. And his life or preferences may be even more surprising than what we already knew. 

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  • Photo: Home Alone / 20th Century Fox

    He Was Paid $100,000 For His Role In 'Home Alone'

    At 10 years old, he signed a contract to be the leading lad in Home Alone. The success of that film was highly unexpected but it went on to gross upwards of $457 million. Regardless of Culkin's extremely memorable performance in this holiday comedy, he was only paid $100,000. While that could seem like a hefty price for a 10-year-old in 1990, he actually increased his pay drastically in his following roles. 

    However, it's a shame for Culkin that he got a little jilted acting in the movie because he doesn't even get royalties for the reruns.

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    He Was The First Child Actor To Early $1 Million For A Single Role

    Shortly after Home Alone's astounding success, Culkin was offered a role in the 1991 film My Girl as the kid who's essentially allergic to everything. The film was wildly popular, and for a kid who had previously stunned audiences with his likeability, it's no wonder his pay when up substantially from what he was given for Home Alone.

    In fact, his million-dollar payout for the role made Culkin the first child actor to ever make a million or more dollars for starring in a single film. 

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  • Photo: The Good Son / 20th Century Fox

    He Agreed To Fall Off A Cliff For A BB Gun

    In the climactic scene at the end of The Good Son, we see Culkin's character dropped off the side of a cliff. Initially, as is common in Hollywood, it's unsurprising that a lot of people expected it to have been the work of a stunt double - but that's not the case in this scene. Both Culkin and his costar Elijah Wood had to be trained extensively by a stunt coordinator to accomplish this. 

    Before agreeing to this, though, Culkin had a condition: he wanted a BB gun for completing the training and filming. Once filming had been wrapped that day, he was given his BB gun.

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  • Photo: The Nutcracker / Warner Bros.

    He's Trained In Ballet

    In addition to taking center stage on movie sets, Culkin took the stage in a different way as well. He was a student at the School of American Ballet before making it big in Hollywood, and was a dancer in multiple performances of The Nutcracker in the early 1990s. He portrayed Fritz in two City Ballet performances of the iconic ballet, and was included in the film adaptation as well. 

    Critics were hard on his dancing, however, noting that he was not as fluid as ballet dancers need to be. Regardless, at his young age, it's admirable that he landed the role and tried!

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