This Lady’s Pet Lizard Is The Size Of A Dog And The Internet Is Freaking Out

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On Instagram, anyone can be a star, and that includes MacGyver, a dog-sized lizard who just recently joined the Internet's endless competition for most bizarre yet adorable pet. MacGyver and his owner make for a cute couple, and you tell how much she loves him from their photos together. Seriously, everyone should find a partner who looks at them like this woman looks at her pet lizard. MacGyver, an Argentine red tegu, belongs to species of lizard quite popular among exotic pet owners. In the wild, these omnivorous reptiles spend most of their lives in the burrows they dig. From May to August, red tegus live entirely inside their burrows in a state of estivation, similar to hibernation. Once the summer heat begins to die down, they reemerge and go back to a life hunting, foraging, and sleeping, something many humans can relate to.

Tegus come from a line of intelligent animals, able to recognize their owners, respond to voice commands, and sometimes choose social interaction over a quick meal. They also enjoy swimming and can even run on their legs. While they may sound like the perfect pet to some, they are extremely labor intensive and should not be raised by people who cannot dedicate the time and resources to their care. Of all the lizards of Instagram, none of them look as happy and as spoiled as MacGyver. While he appears a bit overfed, those chubby cheeks come naturally to male red tegus. You can follow all of MacGyver's antics on his various social media channels or at his official website. A few pictures of MacGyver can warm the heart of even the most cold-blooded humans.