Fun Facts About the Awesome Cars in Mad Max: Fury Road 

Coy Jandreau
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Mad Max: Fury Road did the impossible and didn't sacrifice cool cars and practical effects in the process. It brought back a franchise that hasn't had an installment in 30 years, without much backstory - both diehards and new fans alike were ecstatic. It did so with a new lead (Tom Hardy) in the hugely iconic role, without anyone batting an eye, including Mel Gibson himself. And it did all of this as a single, grueling, maddening two hour chase film. The entire movie is a chase. One. Chase. Which means that the only characters more important than Max and Furiousa (the scene stealing Charlize Theron) are the cars. And boy did the automobiles of Mad Max deliver.

These cars had to not only live up to the expectations of the Wasteland Weekend Warriors who've been watching, breathing, and living the Mad Max world for decades, but they also had to be awesome enough to bring new fans into the fold. They had to be practical because they ACTUALLY did all the things they do in the movie. That's right, all those jumps, chases, turns, and flips were all practical - no CGI for director George Miller. Even the music coming out of the Doof Warrior's speakers was practical.

So let's celebrate the automobile cast of Mad Max: Fury Road. The steel and metal actors who couldn't walk the red carpet, the supporting characters we most want in the sequel, these are the most insane cars from Mad Max: Fury Road!
The Gigahorse
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Photo:  Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros.
Not one, but two 1959 Cadillac DeVilles are piggyback mounted on top of a monster truck chassis with two meter high double truck tires in the rear and powered by twin V16 engines. Can you even handle this power? As an added bonus, it comes with a whaler's harpoon and mounted flamethrower.

Head production designer and art director Colin Gibson says the tail of the 1959 Cadillac stood out to him as something exceptionally beautiful and worth salvaging. “In a world where nobody had one of anything, it seemed a fait accompli that he would have a pair of 1959 coupe DeVilles,” Gibson says. “We spent two months making them operational.”

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Big Foot
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Photo:  Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros.
This giant (nearly seven foot tall), customized, 1940s-era Fargo truck with a supercharged V8 engine (with even more massive tires) is briefly driven by Warlord's son during the chase in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The 66-inch, all-terrain tires and heavy axles are taken from a military supertanker. It's got a whopping four feet of suspension and 600 cubic inches of displacement underneath!

It features not just a roof mounted, high powered, belt-driven machine gun, but also a harpoon gun!
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The Doof Wagon
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Photo:  Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros.

This insane vehicle is one part military (a repurposed 8 x 8 M.A.N. missile-carrier with a supercharged V8 engine) and two parts full rock star stadium. It features enough speakers to fill an arena as well as that now iconic flame throwing double necked guitar on bungee cords! And that's just the front! On the back are four drummers who pound their hearts out on resonators built from industrial air conditioning ducts.

Warner Brothers calls it a “sonic carmageddon.” It's meant to rally the troops in the same way drummers who marched alongside soldiers in ancient battles did. When marching becomes driving, so too must the drummer change.

The craziest thing about this truck is that it WORKS. This thing not only drives, but really plays music. That's right, all of the sound coming out of the Doof Wagon in the movie was actually bumping from those speakers. It was all practical - director George Miller wouldn't accept anything less.
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The War Pig
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Photo:  Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros.

The War Pig is made from a mix between a Czechoslovakian Tatra T815 and a Chevy Fleetmaster. It's effectively a six-wheel-drive 18-wheeler powered with twin V8 engines. It also has a VW Beetle and Pick up Truck cabin shells mounted on it as protective mobile forts.

In the film it's as much a set piece as a vehicle as most of the film takes place ON it. It has enough horse power to tow a fuel pod and haul @$$ through the desert away from Immortan Joe's whole brigade.

Furiosa has the engines set up with a set of kill switches that must be flipped in a certain order, or the War Pig stalls after a few yards.
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