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25 Things You Didn't Know About Mad Men

As "Mad Men" gears up for the home stretch of its final season, the AMC drama will leave TV viewers with a huge void in getting their weekly Don Draper fix. 

The 1960s drama, which began in 2007, has taken us into the world of advertising and the personal lives of some of its iconic characters – from booze to infidelity and all sorts of, uh, madness. As the cool Don Draper, his secretary with big ambitions, Peggy Olson, and Roger "bad habits" Sterling prepare to live on as TV icons, we've rounded up 25 fun facts about "Mad Men" as it heads into its final run.

Check out some of the things you may have never known about the show, including how much it cost to make each episode and all the role swapping that could've gone on in the casting department. Vote on the behind the scenes trivia you think is the most surprising! Once you're done voting, make sure to check out these other shows like Mad Men!

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    January Jones Originally Auditioned for the Role of Peggy

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    It's odd to think January Jones could play anyone other than Betty Draper on the show, so it comes as a major surprise that she actually auditioned to play Peggy Olson.
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    John Slattery Tried Out for the Role of Don Draper

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    Sterling as Draper? Nah, that wouldn't have worked.
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    Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel are Married in Real Life

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    They may have had an ill-fated affair on the show, but off-camera, Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser got married in real life in June 2014.
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    The Cigarettes Are Fake

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    California law forbids smoking in the workplace. Since the series is filmed in Los Angeles, the cast uses herbal cigarettes instead.