27 Maddening Design Decisions That Made Us Want To Throw Our Laptops Into The Sea

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Ever try to find that "x" to close out a pop-up ad but have no luck whatsoever? If that kind of design decision drives you batty, you're going to see a lot to relate to on this list. As seen on r/*ssholedesign, here are some instances that made us want to swear off the internet forever.

  • 1. Won't Take No For An Answer

    Won't Take No For An Answer
    Photo: u/Superdude717 / Reddit
  • 2. You Will Be On Facebook

    You Will Be On Facebook
    Photo: u/Western-Pattern8506 / Reddit
  • 3. Send In Your Face

    Send In Your Face
    Photo: u/bluekoooa64 / Reddit
  • 4. Ads Everywhere

    Ads Everywhere
    Photo: u/JeffCogs80 / Reddit
  • 5. Too Many Passwords

    Too Many Passwords
    Photo: u/Skiflord / Reddit
  • 6. Clears That Up

    Clears That Up
    Photo: u/ithcy / Reddit