35 Times People Gained Respect For Their Hilarious Power Moves This Year

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Defeat thy enemies with some incredibly niche power moves that are also incredibly hilarious. Thanks to r/madlads, we've gathered some hilarious power moves whose wit and wisdom can't be beat. Vote on your favorites of this year below!

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    When Your Ads Suck

    This is a win for both the Reddit user and the company.

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    Kids Will Be Kids

    These are the kids that you watch in '90s sitcoms.

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    Fighting With 'Bum Fights'

    This is performance art.

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    Oh No

    This is a whole movie plot wrapped into a single Facebook post.

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    Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter

    It most certainly will.

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    That's the spirit, kids.

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