Unspeakable Times

The Chilling Story Of Magdalena Solís, The Mexican Prostitute-Goddess Who Took Over A Murder Cult  

Jessika M. Thomas
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Magdalena Solís was one of the leaders of a savage Mexican cult that was responsible for the brutal demises of at least eight people. Over the course of several months in the early 1960s, a small Mexican village was subjected to forced sexual relations, brutality, and even the loss of lives, all at the hands of the Hernández brothers via the Solís cult. 

While dangerous cults seem to have always existed, it's still shocking to hear about members who have devoted themselves to a sect, only to end up being terminated by the cult itself. In the case of the cult run by Magdalena Solís, the members weren't so much devoted followers as they were straight-up slaves for the sexual whims of the leaders and High Priestess of Blood herself. There are tales of bizarre ceremonies including ritual human sacrifices, bloodletting, and mandatory sexual relations. 

This is the true story of the High Priestess of Blood. Continue reading to learn more about the Mexican streetwalker-turned-cult leader, Magdalena Solís.

Magdalena Solís Savagely Ended At Least Eight People So That She Could Drink Their Blood
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In 1963, Magdalena Solís became a cult leader who participated in human sacrifice. This High Priestess and her crew of men forced a small community into being held as slaves in their perverse cult. If the townspeople decided they did not want to be a part of the group, Solís would have them brutally beaten and eliminated. She would also practice bloodletting on the unfortunate victims, causing them to bleed so that she could drink their blood. The victims then perished.

Over the course of six weeks, Solís would be responsible for at least eight demises.

The Hernández Brothers Convinced A Town of People They Were Prophets And Held The Town As Slaves
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The cult all started in the early 1960s when infamous siblings Santos and Cayetano Hernández, known as the Hernández brothers, took complete control of the 50 or so villagers in a small town called Yerba Buena. The master manipulators had told the villagers that they were prophets of exiled Incan gods and in return for worship and devotion pledged to make the villagers prosperous.

But eventually, the townspeople began questioning the brothers' motives, as they had not received any of the promised treasures yet were being held in grottos to serve the brothers' sexual whims. Additionally, none of the so-called gods had shown up. The men decided they needed to find someone else to join in on their illusion in order to keep the peace with the villagers and to continue the hoax. The brothers traveled to the Mexican city of Monterrey, where they met a pro, Magdalena Solís, along with her brother-turned-pimp, Eleazar. Solís and her brother agreed to help the brothers and returned with them to Yerba Buena.

Solís Claimed To be The Reincarnation Of An Aztec Deity, But Then Started Believing It Herself
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When Solís arrived at Yerba Buena, she decided to take on the persona of a reincarnated Aztec goddess. The ever-so-crafty Hernández brothers made a spectacular show of the goddess's arrival to the village, complete with magic tricks as an introduction. Solís informed the town that she was the reincarnated goddess Coatlicue. Coatlicue was an Aztec goddess known as the mother of the gods, and goddess of the sun, moon, and stars. Not only did the villagers believe the outlandish tale, but Solís, a religious fanatic, also soon started believing the delusions herself.

Solís would continue to wield her power in various ways, including using the townspeople for forced sexual services and terminating them if they didn't meet her demands. In fact, Solís started practicing a blood ritual with unbelievers. If anyone doubted her in any way, she forced the believers in her cult to beat and set fire to the doubters. As the victim lay dying, the believers would begin with the bloodletting ceremony. Solís would drink their blood, mixing it with peyote, believing it would give her the power to live forever.

The 'High Priestess Of Blood' Presided Over The Village And Sentenced Villagers To Hang If They Complained About Their Enslavement
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When Solís joined the group as a goddess, the dynamic shifted and she became the powerful High Priestess figure, with the Hernández brothers and her own brother acting in subservient roles. Allegedly, some of the villagers complained about being held against their wills and wanted to leave. Solís sentenced them to hang.

As her reign went on, she began ordering blood sacrifices, wherein villagers were bled and Solís drank their blood from a chalice. Eventually, they began open-heart sacrifices, done while the victims were alive. This horror continued for almost two months.