Graveyard Shift Maggie's Most Badass Moments On The Walking Dead  

Jonathan H. Kantor
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Maggie Greene hasn't had an easy go of it in the apocalypse. She first appeared in the second season as a young girl trying to survive on a farm with the rest of her family. Over the course of the show, a lot has happened to her, but she remains steadfast and able to carry on. Not only has she had to endure the deaths of everyone in her family, but many of those deaths happened in front of her and mark some of the most graphic in the series.

Maggie is one of the series' leading badasses, right alongside some of the show's biggest characters including Daryl, Rick, and Carol. She has shown her ability to deal with walkers, living humans, and even bureaucracy.

Over the course of the show, she has racked up quite a number of kills, but her strengths don't only lie in her ability to dispatch the occasional walker, it's her leadership and resolve in the face of horrific loss and brutality that makes Maggie one of the best characters on The Walking Dead.

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She Hung Gregory

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Season: Season 9

Episode: Episode 1, "A New Beginning"

Gregory was a real asshole to everyone, but especially to Maggie. Despite leading the Hilltop community to victory over Negan and the Saviors, he still doesn't trust her leadership abilities. After losing in an election, he finally makes a fatal decision.

Having earned some trust back, he goes to Maggie and tries to kill her. She's able to stop him and decides an example needs to be made. All the adults are gathered at night and she lets them know she doesn't want to be doing this, but "the punishment needs to match the crime." She hangs Gregory at Hilltop, finally ridding herself of him.

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She Cut Judith Out Of Lori

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Season: Season 3 
Episode: Episode 4, "Killer Within"

In the infamous Season 3 episode "Killer Within," Lori finally goes into labor. Unfortunately, the prison is being overrun by walkers and the group is split. Maggie and Carl are the only people with the pregnant woman so it's up to her to handle the situation.

She does what she can, but there are complications. Lori insists Maggie do whatever she can to keep the baby alive. Maggie cuts Lori open to remove the baby safely, which results in the mother's death. It's a hard scene to watch, but another example of Maggie remaining calm under fire, and her loyalty to her friends.

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She Stands Against The Governor's Assault

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Season: Season 3 
Episode: Episode 16, "The Sorrowful Life"

The survivors at the prison and the folks living under the "protection" of the Governor at Woodbury came into conflict with one another relatively quickly. When things start to go downhill, the Governor decides to take the fight to the prison, and he doesn't come quietly.

The battle that raged at the prison was brutal, involving walkers, and heavy weaponry. Maggie was relatively new to the group, but she took up arms and stood her ground against the man who eventually killed her father.

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Her Ability To Recover After Glenn's Brutal Death

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Season: Season 7
Episode: Episode 1, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

The Walking Dead reached peak brutality at the beginning of Season 7, when the show introduced Negan in a way nobody could forget – bashing in the brains of both Abraham and Glenn.

Glenn is killed right in front of a pregnant Maggie, but instead of returning to Hilltop ready to roll over, Maggie swears to get vengeance for her husband. She rallies the troops, and takes the fight back to the Saviors. 

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