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15 Magic School Bus Fan Theories That Will Make You Question Your Entire Childhood

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If there's one thing '90s kids can all agree on, it's that Ms. Frizzle was the ideal teacher, and The Magic School Bus was crazy as hell. Okay, that's two things, but they're both true. And given how crazy that show was, it should come as no surprise there are a lot of fan theories about The Magic School Bus. Like all theories about your favorite childhood shows, some of them are sweet and nostalgic, some horrifying, and bordering on scarring.

The worst theories here can perhaps aptly be described as "The Magic School Bus conspiracy theories," because conspiracies are never happy. One such theory suggests the show is a liberal scheme to brainwash kids. There's also one about Ms. Frizzle and her bus being responsible for 9/11, but that didn't make the list because it's garbage. 

Here are The Magic School Bus theories worthy of your time. And yes, the famous Captain Planet theory made the list.

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    Ms. Frizzle Is Electromagnetism Personified

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    A lengthy discussion on tvtropes.org reveals a number of interesting anonymous theories, including this one

    "Ms. Frizzle is an embodiment of one of the 4 fundamental forces. In her case, electromagnetism, which explains the name somewhat. It explains why she can do things like drift from the asteroid belt to Pluto and survive crashing on it all within a minute or two. And many other god-like abilities. The question is, who are the other 3 forces?"

    Who indeed?

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    Ms. Frizzle Is Indiana Bond-McGonagall

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    Redditor _TheShrike_ argues:

    "[Ms. Frizzle] was a kick-ass magical scientist in a world where only a small community of others existed. The way she interacted and flirted with every scientist, archaeologist, etc, makes me think she was also the James Bond of the field."

    The theory doesn't provide evidentiary basis so much as observational, but the main takeaway is that Ms. Frizzle was BAMFY as hell.

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    Hop On The Magic Hotbox

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    According to FurAffinity user DiamondDragon, Ms. Frizzle was blazin' big time, and none of the adventures seen on the show or in the books ever happened: "The Magic School Bus wasn't magic. Miss Frizzle was hotboxing the hell out of those kids. Proof? She talked to the lizard and what school bus has a giant smile face? Bam!"

    So in this scenario, the kids were baked, too. Awesome.

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    The Show Itself Is A Liberal Conspiracy

    Hunter Stuart of Dose.com wrote a piece about the buffoo-- uhh, opinionated individuals who believe The Magic School Bus is a left-wing conspiracy to indoctrinate kids, teaching them such horrible things as environmentalism, social equality, and general knowledge. Warning, the social media pulls in the piece are wildly offensive, because these thin-skinned fools can drop a c-bomb on Kate McKinnon but saying, "Happy Holidays," to them crosses the line. Unbelievable. 

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