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19 Deeply Awesome Pieces Of Magikarp Fanart That Proves He's Actually The Greatest Pokémon

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Magikarp might not be the best swimmer, or the best fighter, or the best at being a fish, but it's most definitely a secretly awesome Pokemon. Although Magikarp seems weak and useless, he's actually a hardy and a real survivor. Much like your buddy who was in a frat in college, he's low maintenance and can survive in the filthiest of conditions. 

Magikarp might flop around during battle, but it's rumored that his Splash move can be pretty epic, under the right circumstances. Plus, if you're dedicated and patient, Magikarp eventually evolves into the total bad*ss, Gyarados, making him one of the best Water type Pokemon of all time. Everything really great takes a lot of work, so why should training Pokemon be any different? Check out this Magikarp fan art that pretty much proves it's actually the greatest Pokemon of all time, and vote up your favorite illustrations.