Texas's Haunted Magnolia Hotel Is Home To A Supernatural Black Mist Related To A Gruesome Murder

Cases of ghosts caught on camera are always a source of debate. Believers see them as irrefutable evidence of paranormal activity, while skeptics may scoff at such claims and search for a logical explanation. In the case of the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas, black mist caught on camera may be evidence of ghosts. The history of the Magnolia Hotel is pretty gruesome, and the murderers and murder victims housed by the hotel may still haunt the hotel today. 

The Magnolia Hotel is one of the best known haunted places in Texas. Stories of the haunting of the Magnolia Hotel have been reported for years. Ghost tours frequently visit the building and actual ghosts are said to appear to visitors. The bizarre black mist video, filmed in August 2017, generated a newfound attention in the allegedly haunted hotel. Is the Magnolia Hotel haunted? Read up on the facts and decide for yourself. 

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  • A Murderer Once Hid Out In The Magnolia Hotel - And Allegedly Haunts It

    A gruesome murder occurred in New Braunfels, Texas, a town near the Magnolia Hotel. Some believe the murderer’s ghosts and victims haunt the grounds. 

    Pharmacist William Faust had his wife stay with New Braunfels pharmacist Julius Voelcker when Faust was out of town for the weekend. Faust was in love with his wife's sister and in order to be with her, he planned to murder his wife. 

    Faust encouraged his wife to be a good guest and volunteer to sleep in the trundle bed in Voelcker’s 12-year-old daughter's room. Unfortunately, her daughter, Emma, ended up taking the trundle bed - where Faust had planned on his wife being. When Faust broke in on July 22, 1874, to murder his wife, he ended up murdering Emma instead. While he hit his wife with the ax, he only succeeded in blinding her in one eye, rendering her unable to identify the murderer.

    So how did Faust’s spirit end up associated with Magnolia? After the murder, Faust hid out in the hotel to evade capture. He allegedly haunts the hotel today. Visitors have also reported seeing signs of little Emma as well.

  • An Eerie Video Surfaced Showing Mysterious Black Mist In The Hotel

    An Eerie Video Surfaced Showing Mysterious Black Mist In The Hotel
    Video: YouTube

    On August 5th, 2017, ghost hunters recorded some possible paranormal activity in Magnolia’s Campbell Room. Black mist floats into frame, seemingly out of nowhere. The camera lens is then clouded by white mist. About 10 minutes later, a white vortex appeared in front of the camera lens.

  • A Young Woman Attempted An Abortion In The 1800s And Died In A Bathtub

    A Young Woman Attempted An Abortion In The 1800s And Died In A Bathtub
    Photo: Ghost Adventures / Travel Channel

    According to Erin Ghedi, one of the owners of the Magnolia Hotel since 2013, an unwed woman in her late teens came to stay at the hotel in the 1800s. The woman was pregnant and was beginning to show. Not wanting to be shamed for being unmarried and with child, the woman attempted to perform an abortion on herself in the infamous Pink Bathroom. Without any medical training or help, the woman bled out, killing herself and the child. Paranormal enthusiasts believe her spirit, along with her unborn child's, may haunt the building to this day. 

  • The Killer That Haunts The Hotel Was Eventually Murdered Himself

    According to a lot of paranormal folklore, people who died in grizzly fashions are more likely to become ghosts. Faust was actually murdered himself after being apprehended for the murder of Emma Voelcker. In October 1875, he was convicted for the murder of little Emma Voelcker and was placed in the Comal County Jail. Faust also admitted to a few other murders during the trial.

    Citizens of the town were outraged by his crimes and tried to lynch Faust at the jail. In the end, Julius Voelcker, Emma's father, ended up murdering Faust by shooting a bullet through his cell window. 

  • The Hotel Founder Was Brutally Murdered - And His Spirit Lingers On The Hotel Grounds

    One of the ghosts that haunts the Magnolia may be the founder himself. The hotel was built as a log cabin in the 1840s by a Texas Ranger named James Campbell. Campbell was massacred by members of the Comanche tribe. There have been sightings of his ghost wandering around the original cabin. 

  • The Upstairs Was A Drug Den For Fifty Years

    According to Strange Town, the Magnolia Hotel fell into disrepair from the 1940s to the late 1990s. During this time, drug addicts would sneak into the building and made the second floor of the building a drug den. Allegedly, 13 different spirits haunt the Magnolia Hotel, and some of those spirits could easily be unaccounted for addicts who died in the building. Folks who have visited generally feel a dark, unsettling energy when they are upstairs.