Graveyard Shift

Texas's Haunted Magnolia Hotel Is Home To A Supernatural Black Mist Related To A Gruesome Murder

Cases of ghosts caught on camera are always a source of debate. Believers see them as irrefutable evidence of paranormal activity, while skeptics may scoff at such claims and search for a logical explanation. In the case of the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas, black mist caught on camera may be evidence of ghosts. The history of the Magnolia Hotel is pretty gruesome, and the murderers and murder victims housed by the hotel may still haunt the hotel today. 

The Magnolia Hotel is one of the best known haunted places in Texas. Stories of the haunting of the Magnolia Hotel have been reported for years. Ghost tours frequently visit the building and actual ghosts are said to appear to visitors. The bizarre black mist video, filmed in August 2017, generated a newfound attention in the allegedly haunted hotel. Is the Magnolia Hotel haunted? Read up on the facts and decide for yourself.