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Maids And Housekeepers Describe The Worst Messes They’ve Ever Found In Seemingly Normal Rooms

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It can't be easy to clean up another's person's mess. Many people hardly like to clean up after themselves, making maids and housekeepers saints among us. They tidy others' messes, dust, wash dishes, mop floors, and are rarely paid enough to compensate for the grueling work they're required to do. Indeed, cleaning service personnel usually clean so well that they leave sparkles and the heavenly scent of Pine-Sol in their wake. Some lucky customers even receive a mint on their pillow after exceptionally great cleaning services. 

In return for the kindness, what do customers leave their housekeepers? Reddit users have banded together to relay the tales. In horrifying detail they tell of poop stains, toilets clogged with all manners of interesting debris, and rooms sordid with the residue of sex.

If you've the stomach for it, read the stories below and please considerate of the next person that has to clean up after you. 

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    They Put Poop On Ice

    From Reddit user IvanCheznutzov:

    "I work as a housekeeper in a large ski resort, and we've had a few winners so far this season, but the person who left a perfectly coiled sh*t on a pile of ice on a plate in the cupboard definitely takes the cake for most disgusting find."

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    Pretty Girls Make Messes Too

    From Reddit user Jesv 201:

    "[One] time that kind of stands out is this one girls room, pink every where, model head shots of herself on every wall. Very pretty and obviously very full of herself, I go to clean her bathroom (her portraits were covering the bathroom was as well) and she had to have been the nastiest female I've ever cleaned after. Used Tampons thrown in the sink, diarrhea up the back of the toilet lid and covering the bowl. Enough body hair crusted to the tub to where I was sure she had shaved a small dog. All I could think of [was], 'If guys only knew that [this girl was] this damn nasty would they still chase after [her]?'"

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    Hotel Rooms Aren't The Appropriate Places For Haircuts

    From Reddit user NotSoVertical:

    "I recently got a job as a housekeeper...

    "[One couple] came back to their room around 4:30pm and, after having a do not disturb sign on their door all day, decided they wanted service (remake beds, clean the bathroom, and replenish towels/coffee/etc). [It's] worth noting we're meant to clock out by 4pm, but we're short-staffed and as such have to work an hour or three beyond that. Normally this would have been no problem, but the head housekeeper called shenanigans and told us to give them towels and, politely, send them on their way. Suffice to say, they were displeased, but we had several rooms still left to clean.

    "The next day we hear from a gal at the front desk that they'd harassed her thrice in as many hours, generally making a fool of themselves and look like [jerks] in front of other guests.

    "They check out early the next day. We housekeepers have lists of rooms we are assigned to clean - theirs wasn't mine the day before. As they were leaving, the man, now sporting a close buzz-cut, stops me and asks if it was on my list today. I reply in [the] affirmative and they trot off snickering. I wander off to strip rooms and find theirs an absolute disaster. Half-eaten food [is] everywhere, on the floors, beds, desk, and in the bathroom. Coffee [was] spilled (almost certainly on purpose) into the drawers. Garbage [was] strewn about, stuffed into the sheets, under and behind the beds. Wet towels, encrusted with God knows what, [abounded]. The bathroom was by far the worst, however... There was hair everywhere.

    "Apparently, in a fit of retaliatory manscaping, the dude had shaved. His head, certainly. I'd seen his new haircut. But I'm certain that wasn't all... I found a mixture of head hair and pubes coating every square inch of every surface... I ran downstairs to recruit backup and watched the couple, clearly laughing, motor away in their van. What normally takes one housekeeper half an hour took three housekeepers an hour to clean..."

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    This Girl Needed A Little Sanitary Help

    From Reddit user minaturedonuts:

    "My mom is a housekeeper. She found a drawer in a 12-year-old's room filled to the brim with old period soaked panties. The girl had been too embarrassed to talk to her mom about it, but didn't know anything about tampons or pads. She'd just been getting new underwear and stuffing the soiled ones into her bottom drawer. I can't imagine the smell."

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