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12 Creepy Stories and Urban Legends from Maine

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Maine is famous for its rich wildlife and quaint seaside towns. It's known for it's seafood, scenic coast, and charming lighthouses. However, the state also has a dark side. These Maine urban legends are without a doubt, 100% spooky. It turns out those charming lighthouses, requiring centuries of care from men living in isolation, really set the stage for some freaky ghost stories. 

These creepy stories from Maine make it very clear why almost every Stephen King novel takes place there. There's dark woods, abandoned cemeteries, dangerous roads, and hundreds of deaths. There's even haunted pianos, lake monsters, and curses which have stood the test of time. Maine is, without a doubt, one of the most haunted places in New England. 

Maine urban legends are unique, from the dark and tragic to the unusually whimsical. Few states have so many benign and artistic ghosts who may even play piano or perform opera for you. If you want to get a handle on creepy Maine, check out this list of New England haunts. 

  • The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster

    The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster is a 30-60 foot long serpent that many people have claimed to have witnessed in the lake. It was first documented by Europeans in 1882, but is actually an old Algonquin folk tale. According to legend, an Algonquin shaman and Micmac chieftain once had an argument and decided to settle it by turning into monsters and battling in the lake. One turned into a giant snail and the other a 40 foot long serpent. The snail won and tied the dead serpent around a tree next to the lake. The trails of the serpent have been spotted on land ever since. 

  • Wood Island Lighthouse

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    According to historic records, a gruesome murder occurred at this lighthouse in the 1890's and the ghosts can still be heard and seen today. A local squatter got in a fight, and after being confronted by a Sheriff's deputy, he shot and killed him. The squatter then tried to turn himself in to the lighthouse keeper at the time, Thomas Orcutt. Orcutt was so alarmed that he turned him away. The squatter then killed himself out of grief and guilt. The ghost of the murdered deputy is just one of the many spirits that haunts this lighthouse. 

  • The Ghost Bride of Haynesville Road

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    One of the most haunted places in Maine is said to be the stretch of road in northern Maine called Route 2A. It runs through the Haynesville Woods and is known for tragic and bizarre accidents. It's famously known for a woman who can be seen walking along the side of the road. Many reports claim that after offering her a ride she says she is a new bride, her and her husband have been in a car accident, and they need help. Then she emits a ghostly chill and vanishes. 

  • Maine State Prison

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    Some of the equipment used at Maine State Prison was taken from an old haunted prison in Thomaston, which has since been torn down. Ghosts came with the recycled equipment, and both prisoners and correction officers have reported seeing the ghosts of inmates and felt all sorts of strange presences. Many say they feel as though they are being watched at night