Meet The Makeup Artist Who Can Transform Herself Into Anyone

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When it comes to makeup, there are artists who can make you look similar to certain celebrities, and then there's makeup illusionist Rebecca Swift. Swift does incredible celebrity makeup transformations that are in a whole different category all together. As her Instagram followers have come to realize, you never quite know who Rebecca is going to be from one day to the next. You might also be interested in the best beauty gurus to follow on YouTube.

So whether you're an aspiring makeup artist yourself or are just looking for some incredible makeup illusions for Halloween, come on in and feast your eyes on the many incarnations of Rebecca Swift. Here, you'll see her transform from celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres to Disney villains such as Jafar and Hades. Want to try out the same looks for yourself? Check out Rebecca's YouTube channel where you can watch her transformations take place and even find out which products she uses. Be sure to vote up which of Rebecca's looks you love the best!

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