The Wildest Eyebrow Trends Blowing Up On Instagram

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When it comes to eyebrows on Instagram, the beauty junkies everyone knows and loves certainly get creative. Below you'll find a collection of some of their coolest and kookiest Instagram eyebrow trends. You'll also get to decide which interesting looks are actually pretty innovative and which of them you hope will fade away like last night's mascara. You're probably familiar with some of these weird trends (at this point, almost everyone's seen the notorious "squiggle brow") but there are others that will surely make you question everything you've ever known about makeup. Get ready to feast your eyes on such Instagram gems as the "braided brow," the "beaded brow," and even the "invisi-brow." 

Not all of these looks are winners; some of them might prove to be a cautionary tale for what happens when creativity runs raucously rampant. Others, still, may even strike you as cool enough to try out, especially when combined with your favorite eyeshadow brands. At the very least, you may develop some respect for the guys and gals out there bold enough to try these looks at all. 

Photo: jardinesclinic / Instagram