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Studies Show Putting On Makeup Is Actually Improving Your Mental Health

Updated December 27, 2018 24.3k views14 items

While the wild and unrealistic portrayals of beauty in media may make you think makeup and mental health don't mix, studies have shown there are positive mental health benefits of putting on makeup. The meditative act can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and promote a calmer, happier mindset - as if you needed another reason to restock your makeup bag with all the essentials!

Read on to discover why applying makeup boosts wellbeing, how you can use your daily routine to deal with anxiety and depression, and which famous beauty bloggers rely on makeup for their mental health, too.

  • Makeup Can Be The Armor You Need To Get Through The Day


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    When dealing with severe mental or physical illness, it can be hard to find the motivation to get out of the house - or even out of bed - because of how awful you feel on the inside. When that's the case, makeup can be a motivator - a coat of armor. Redditor /u/tikappu-kitsune said "It's my war paint when I feel I need an extra layer of armor."

  • It's A Pathway To Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin


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    Redditor /u/pomme_dor thanks makeup for helping her find herself: "I completely rejected everything remotely feminine for a long time. It's been a long hard road to where I am now, comfortable in my own skin. Exploring makeup has been a part of that journey."

    It makes sense - with manipulated media images in every corner of the internet and the growing pressures of social media, young women tend to feel a lot of anxiety around their appearance. Makeup can offer a path to finding yourself and feeling unique.

  • A Morning Makeup Routine Gives You Something To Focus On


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    The simple act of applying makeup can be seriously meditative, especially when it's a consistent part of your morning routine. According to, "Our minds also rely on patterns and routine. Because our brains have so much to process, they depend on habits to regulate daily processes."

    Redditor /u/klar971 sees the benefits of routine every day: "Those 15 minutes in the morning that I put on makeup is my 'me' time before taking on the day. I get to pamper myself and also be creative." 

  • It Can Stop Your Mind From Running A Mile A Minute


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    Anyone with a panic or anxiety disorder knows one of the key characteristics of the condition is constantly overanalyzing things. If that sounds like you, makeup may actually be able to help!

    "Makeup definitely helps me conquer anxiety and depression. My mind is constantly engaged in worry/negative thinking, and putting on makeup for fun is a time where I can get away from that. Pretty difficult to speculate about how my life is falling apart when I’m playing with my glorious hoard of makeup," explains Redditor /u/gudegudegg.