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Studies Show Putting On Makeup Is Actually Improving Your Mental Health

While the wild and unrealistic portrayals of beauty in media may make you think makeup and mental health don't mix, studies have shown there are positive mental health benefits of putting on makeup. The meditative act can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and promote a calmer, happier mindset - as if you needed another reason to restock your makeup bag with all the essentials!

Read on to discover why applying makeup boosts wellbeing, how you can use your daily routine to deal with anxiety and depression, and which famous beauty bloggers rely on makeup for their mental health, too.

  • The Right Lipstick Can Help You Conquer The World


    As the saying goes, "Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world." Of course, lipstick isn't a totally valid tool for mental health, but it sure can make you feel better when you're going through a tough time. 

    "Red lipstick made me feel so badass and helped me pull myself back up. Now I'm obsessed with lipstick and love bold shades! It's a part of who I am now," says Redditor /u/girlwiththebeetattoo. It can't hurt!

  • It's Not All Pretty


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    Of course, makeup can support mental health for some people, but it's important to mention it can also be detrimental to the mental health of others. Studies suggest the "unrealistic images of beauty" have "resulted in anxiety, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence in many women."

    If you do turn to makeup to deal with your mental health, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons: to express yourself and get creative, rather than trying to achieve an unrealistic idea of beauty.