advice These Simple Makeup Mistakes Are Aging You And You Don't Even Realize It  

Ashley Reign
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Though you probably never intentionally tried to master makeup mistakes that age you, they happen. There are so many makeup techniques that make you look older, and not in a high school kid trying to get into the club kind of way. The most common makeup mistakes can accidentally bring out your fine lines, highlight your wrinkles, and bring an unflattering focus to everything else that properly used makeup is supposed to hide. 

Is your makeup aging you? Don't worry – even if you've accidentally made one of these mistakes, there are simple fixes. Whether you've occasionally overly lined your lips or mismatched your foundation, these tricks and tips will help you avoid those missteps in the future. In the end, a simple change in approach may be just the thing to give you a younger, more vibrant appearance.

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Caking On Too Much Concealer


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The Mistake: Caking on too much concealer in an attempt to cover fine lines around the eyes can actually have the opposite effect. The makeup settles into the lines and highlights them.

The Fix: Keeping your eye area moisturized can do wonders. Not only does it keep the skin in these areas healthier, it can also make it look fuller and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. When selecting a concealer, try a light, luminous option and focus on applying the most on the darker, inner corners of your eyes. And always make sure your concealer matches your foundation.

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Overly Darkening Your Eyebrows


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The Mistake: You may want to color in your eyebrows with eye liner to make them look fuller, but add too much color and your brows will look drawn on.

The Fix: Don't let cartoon brow happen to you. Rather than using eyeliner, which is generally designed to go on dark and strong, select an eyebrow pencil that's close to your brows' natural shade. These are made specifically to go on softly and add subtle, lifelike color and volume.

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Layering Mascara On The Lower Lashes


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The Mistake: Though you may want to apply mascara to your lower lashes, especially if you've got lighter ones, be careful. Heavy mascara on your lower lids can cast shadows or even create smears that can mimic dark circles.

The Fix: Apply a very light layer of mascara to the lower lashes, or skip it entirely. At the least, shoot for a waterproof mascara that really does stay in place all day to prevent smearing.

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Overly Lining Your Lips


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The Mistake: Dark, heavy lip liner or liner without the addition of lipstick both look jarring and off trend. Also, if you draw too far outside of your natural lip line, the liner can settle into the fine lines around your mouth and accent rather than hide them.

The Fix: Make sure your lip liner matches the color of your lipstick or even your natural lip color. You can even experiment with creamy lining pencils, which tend not to adhere to dry patches.