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These Simple Makeup Mistakes Are Aging You And You Don't Even Realize It

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Though you probably never intentionally tried to master makeup mistakes that age you, they happen. There are so many makeup techniques that make you look older, and not in a high school kid trying to get into the club kind of way. The most common makeup mistakes can accidentally bring out your fine lines, highlight your wrinkles, and bring an unflattering focus to everything else that properly used makeup is supposed to hide. 

Is your makeup aging you? Don't worry – even if you've accidentally made one of these mistakes, there are simple fixes. Whether you've occasionally overly lined your lips or mismatched your foundation, these tricks and tips will help you avoid those missteps in the future. In the end, a simple change in approach may be just the thing to give you a younger, more vibrant appearance.

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    Applying Blush Too Low

    The Mistake: When it comes to blush, placement can be everything. Blushing too low pulls down the look of your face, and overdoing it on the apples of your checks can look cartoonish.

    The Fix: Ideally, blush should look as natural as possible. Try swirling the brush gently over the upper parts of your cheekbones, in an upward motion that pulls your face back instead of down.

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    Going Overboard With Glittery Eyeshadow

    Photo: jane doe / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY 2.0

    The Mistake: Though you might assume iridescent eyeshadow looks youthful, the opposite may actually be true. Many light-reflecting shadows end up highlighting eye creases.

    The Fix: If you do want to rock a bit of glitter, first cover your lids in a matte shadow and then add a little bit of shimmer to the inner corners.

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    Overly Darkening Your Eyebrows

    The Mistake: You may want to color in your eyebrows with eyeliner to make them look fuller, but add too much color and your brows will look drawn on.

    The Fix: Don't let cartoon brow happen to you. Rather than using eyeliner, which is generally designed to go on dark and strong, select an eyebrow pencil that's close to your brows' natural shade. These are made specifically to go on softly and add subtle, lifelike color and volume.

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    Using The Wrong Color Of Foundation

    The Mistake: Layering on foundation can make you look unnecessarily covered up. Plus, using a foundation that's too light can draw attention to fine lines.

    The Fix: Try using a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of heavier formulas. Don't be afraid to experiment with a shade that's just a hint darker or warmer, too – just don't overdo it. If going a shade up looks unnatural, even after blending, try mixing the darker foundation with your shade before applying.

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