What Makeup Products Turned Out To Be Major Disappointments

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When it comes to the launch of new makeup products, there’s a lot of hype – and it’s not always easy to know if that hype is marketing jargon concocted to sell more units, or genuine praise for a game-changing product.

We polled our Facebook audience to find out their worst makeup disappointments, and the same disappointing makeup products kept showing up in the comments over and over again. From makeup products not worth the cost (like Kylie Lip Kit) to reformulated drugstore products that don’t compare to the original (why do brands do this??), this list covers the industry’s biggest makeup fails. Hopefully these insights will keep you from spending your money on lipsticks, foundations, mascaras, and more that just don’t work. 

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  • "Can't get it to go on, and it wears off in less than 5 minutes and leaves pure glitter on my face. I can't stand it and have only used it maybe 10 times. Should probably get rid of it..."

  • "It just flakes right off my eyelashes."

  • "L'Oréal Waterproof Lash Paradise is TERRIBLE! Applied and looked awful, sticky, clumpy, gross! Such a disappointment cuz the original is bomb!!"

  • "$65.00 so not worth it! I have had cheap makeup with better shimmer. The foils (the reason I wanted it) suck wet or dry! Plus, the shadows are already breaking!"

  • "Kylie Cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks. They feather on your lips and don't last for more than 30-40 minutes of normal wear. Huge disappointment for the price and hype."

  • "All it did was pull my hairs out without adding any color. I had to run it over my brows a few times and then really blend it before it made my brows look okay."