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Smart Makeup For Smart Travelers

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Traveling with makeup can be tricky. It's tough to decide which beauty products to bring along, whether you travel for work, occasional vacations, or a gap-year backpacking mission. But when you're posing for photos at monuments or on sunny beaches, you want to look your very best.

There are a few key points to consider when looking for the best traveling makeup. First, you'll want to save space. When you have limits on the size and weight of your bags, it's important to cut down on unnecessary items. There is also the airport security check to consider. You don't want any liquid items getting confiscated. 

Cut down on tools like brushes, make sure your products have multiple uses, and use combo products when traveling. You can even bring products that won't break the vacation budget!

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    BB Cream

    Photo: Tarte / Sephora

    Between planes, high altitudes, and changes in humidity levels, skin can get dry during travel. A BB cream has serious multi-tasking power. It's a moisturizer paired with foundation. Some come with sun protection, and this one from Tarte ($14) is size-approved by TSA.

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    Double-Ended Eye Liner

    Urban Decay's Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil ($18) is a great two-for-one combo. With two colors on each pencil, this liner gives twice the options while using half the space in your makeup bag.

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    Sephora's Epic Selection Of Sample Sizes

    Photo: Sephora

    If you shop at Sephora, you get a ton of freebies. There's nothing better than loading your cart with free samples and travel-sized minis. If you're familiar with Sephora's website and physical stores (and know where to pick up all the free goodies), you can grab mini versions of perfume, makeup, and hair products that are perfect for traveling.

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    Foundation With Sunscreen

    Photo: MAC / Amazon

    Sunscreen is an absolutely essential part of any travel kit, unless you vacation inside of a cave. While nothing can replace a good layer of high-SPF sunscreen, it never hurts to have a little help from your foundation. Most sun protection formulas, like this one from MAC (about $45), have SPF 30.

    Remember; well-protected skin means fewer sunburns and less makeup needed in the first place.